Why should someone be interested in that war? It took place over thirty years ago.

Well, I think my book will appeal to different audiences and certainly not all audiences.  Logistics in the Falklands War is not only about logistics though.  It really provides a good history of that war as it discusses the logistics challenges.  And so, it will appeal to those who want to know about the war in general.  For those interested in military history and especially in military logistics, my book fills a very important gap.  No nation has ever done what the British did.  How that nation pulled together to make things happen should boggle people’s minds today, when we see governments equivocating over most everything.  This is a story about a nation pulling together quickly and tough military men heroically confronting what was largely unknown to them.  Now, if one happens to be a logistician in the military today, then this book conveys the challenges of operating over vast distances and in remote areas.  Neither the US nor any one else has been doing that recently.  We have been focused on the Gulf.   For the past two decades we have been rotating units into largely fixed logistics infrastructures.  We trained much differently for deployments before the Gulf.  For the military, studying what happened in the Falklands War is especially relevant.  It is a very short war too, which makes it much easier for folks to get their arms around it.  Try doing that about World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and now the Gulf!  There are lots to be learned here.  There is also much more to be written about the logistics of the Falklands War too.  I hope I inspire some others to dig deeper.

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