Imagine having to operate in the unforgiving South Atlantic for several months.

Finally a book on logistics behind the stunning victory…and soon to be in second edition!

Numerous books have been written on the Falklands War but this is the first in-depth study of the ingenious logistics that enabled the British to win. Challenges were huge, as witnessed by the lack of preparation time, political urgency, unprecedented distances, and readiness shortfalls.  Kenneth L. Privratsky’s Logistics in the Falklands War describes in fascinating detail the rush to organize and deploy a large task force, innovative solutions to sustain it over a vast distance, the many setbacks and, finally, the hard work to restore order after victory.  The operation was a political and military gamble of the highest order.  Had logistics plans failed, victory would have been impossible and national humiliation inevitable.  Many have praised this book already.  In 2016, the Commandant of the U. S. Marine Corps added Logistics in the Falklands War to his recommended professional reading list.  It remains available in both hardback and Kindle/eBook versions.  In 2017, a third edition of the book was released in paperback titled Logistics in the Falklands War: A Case Study in Expeditionary Warfare.  It will provide additional discussion of the relevance of this war to current military shortfalls and strategy.

“Never has a nation assembled and deployed forces so quickly to fight a war so far away in an area where it had so little wherewithal. Britain was not ready for this fight in 1982 but still won.”
– From Preface to Logistics in the Falklands War





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