Is there a difference between the three editions of your book, Logistics in the Falklands War?

The contents of the books are largely the same. The first two editions are in hardback. The third is in paperback.   The second and third editions have additional comments about expeditionary warfare, especially in the Preface, thus leading to the subtitle A Case Study in Expeditionary Warfare.  Those changes really highlight the significance of the Falklands War though.  Expeditionary Warfare is all about talking everything with you and being prepared to fight in austere environments, often on short notice and without robust supply lines.  This is precisely what the British did in the Falklands.  Being capable of waging expeditionary war is the primary mission of our US Marines.  It is not surprising that US Marines have taken a keen interest in the Falklands War recently.  The experience of our military in the past fifteen years has been quite different.


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