What changes have taken place regarding the defense of the Falklands since the war? Is it likely that Argentina would try again?

In 1982, there were just a few dozen British Royal Marines in the Falklands.  There was no early warning network or military hardware.  There were no roads outside of the capital of Stanley, no dock for ships, just a tiny airfield, little fuel and no supplies.  That is quite different from today.  The British started strengthening defense capabilities and establishing sustainment wherewithal immediately after the surrender.  This effort continues even today.  Presently there are a couple thousand British military stationed there, as well as fighter aircraft, air-to-air refueling aircraft and at least one very capable warship. There are early warning networks in place, many supplies including fuel and ammunition, and a modern airfield that will accommodate the largest of aircraft.  Additionally, there are hard-surfaced roads leading to outlying areas and a port to offload large ships.  Thus, the Falklands of today is quite different from the Falklands of 35 years ago.  Recent news reports indicate that the British are procuring an arching missile defense system as well.  Three hundred miles away, Argentina’s military capability has declined significantly over that same time.  Today they have no capability to generate military force like they did in April 1982.  They have few in uniform and only dated equipment in all services.  It is highly improbable that Argentina would attempt to retake the Falklands by force. It would be a fool’s errand.

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