Yes, I have lectured on the war both to international and university audiences several times in past years. Two of those lectures were on cruise ships! Last September I was in the United Kingdom and had the pleasure of addressing Royal Marines at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. Last month I addressed a graduate school class at the University of Alaska Anchorage on my experiences in the military, in industry and my work on the Falklands War; I will be doing another chat at their bookstore later this month. In early April, I will be lecturing on the Falklands War at the Army Logistics University at Fort Lee, Virginia. That is of special interest to me because the audience will be young Army officers studying logistics. I look forward to expanding their horizons. It has all been fun. The Falklands War is a fascinating subject. I have discovered that few Brits know much about that war either. The world is a lot different today with tweets, instant messaging, cell phones, etc. Back in the early 1982 none of that existed of course. Information about the Falklands War was limited to newspapers and newscasts, all selectively and after the fact. Consequently, unless someone has read books on the Falklands War, it is likely they know very little about it. Thus, the topic becomes new for many. I’ve enjoyed talking to folks about it.

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